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Together against change

Together we can support, help and find ways to heal, cope and grow.
We strive to constantly expand and find new ways to help our communities to grow into more love and compassion.

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Prevent Child Abuse, Physically, Mentally and Sexually

Family Dispute

What is the effects of childhood trauma?

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Making Change Possible

There is no 1 way to heal childhood trauma and prevent these kind of horrific crimes to happen to our new generation of children. But it all starts from us. If not me, then who? If not now, when? It starts from within. Saving the world can simply start from saving yourself.

The effects of childhood abuse- sexually, mentally and physically are almost endless. But one of the most common symptoms are: Eating disorders, PTSD, multiple personality disorder, anxiety and depression. 

We wish to one day have the resources to help fund the youth in our day and age, to find easier access to help. In order to heal from the childhoods they've had growing up in, so they can become healthy adults and lead of beautiful example, both for themselves and their own children. That together when can create a better future where not one single souls, needs to experience crimes happening to them in their youth.

Down below are help centres around Finland and Sweden who can help you and your loved ones in crisis. 


You are the light in this world that can make the change possible. 

You are loved.

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Finland Help Centers

Suomen delfins
Lapsena seksuaalista hyväksikäyttöä
050 583 5000


Raiskaus kriisikeskus 
0800 97899

Mannerheimin Lastensuojeiluliito
lapset ja nuoret: 116 111
På svenska: 0800 96 166 

080 005 005

Mielenterveyden keskusliitto 
0203 91920

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Sweden Help Centers


Sexuella övergrepp, misshandel, Våld, Hot


Förening tillsammans

Stöd för sexuella trakasserier, sexuella övergrepp eller annat sexuellt våld.

073-983 36 28


Jobbar med är förebygga Sexuella övergrepp mot barn

Ring stödlinje 020-112 100

(Stödlinjen är öppen måndag och fredag kl 15.00-17.00 och tisdag, onsdag, torsdag kl 17.00-22.00)


Stöd för dig som har blivit utsatt för incest eller andra sexuella övergrepp som barn

08–696 00 95


Stöd för dig som blivit utsatta för våldtäkt eller andra sexuella övergrepp


Stöd för dig som blivit utsatt för våld eller brott.

0733-30 30 28



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