About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Little girl project is a campaign and project to bring awareness and change to our society regarding child abuse, sexual abuse and bullying.

Children nowadays are brought up in horrific circumstances with adults who are unhealed and incapable of giving the safety, care and love that every child needs and deserves.

Founder: ¨My name is Scharliina Eräpuro, I am a 22 year old artist, activist, entrepreneur, actress, model and songwriter. I am in charge of this project. I grew up in a very insecure home. I experienced violence and abuse from adults, both mentally, physically, and sexually. I was also bullied at school when I defended outcasted people. I have always had the enthusiasm and ambition to strive for justice. We should all do that. I have found my way to heal and cope with what I have experienced. My creativity and my creative expressions helped me. For this reason, I am inspired to create awareness and help others through this.